Monthly Events




October 26th 9am to 4pm (Saturday)

Onsite Only: Cal Lutheran University Swenson #103

Don Thomas, an Information Security Professional for more than 30 years will be teaching how to build your own Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system for Free (as in Beer) and how to gather intelligence from your network and systems.

The class will cover how a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system can improve an enterprises visibility of network and system events immensely, as well as the added benefit of the increased forensics capability.   However, understanding and maintaining a SIEM can be difficult.  But it doesn't have to be that way.

This class will demystify the SIEM by going over the basic components of a SIEM and how each component relates and works with the Elastic Stack.

We will break down and simplify the process of implementing a free (as in beer) Open Source solution that is usable, scalable, and simple to maintain.

A SIEM is one of the most powerful tools the cyber defense team can wield.

Most commercial solutions require complex, proprietary software and infrastructure that necessitate professional services for installation,  leaving security teams feeling as if they do not truly own or understand how their SIEM operates.  Complicated SIEM's with a shortage of available skills, a lack of simple documentation, and the high costs of software and labor can be overwhelming.  It is not surprising that most SIEM deployments often fail to meet expectations.

This class will go over the basic skills and knowledge on how to build a SIEM and where to tap into the vast amount of information on SIEMs available on the internet.




Nov 21st 6-8pm (Thursday)

Onsite: Cal Lutheran University Alumni #128

Remote: Via Zoom Webinar!

Our chapter loves teaching Penetration Testing.  With this evening class you will learn the best way to test your own LAN & WAN.  You will then learn how to start on how to remediate them. 

Holiday Party!



December 19th 6-10pm (Thursday)

BJ's Restaurant in Westlake Village

Join us for our annual Holiday Party.  We hold this at BJ's Restaurant in Westlake Village CA. Our chapter buys appetizers 

Jan - Get a Job in I.T.


January 16h 2020 6-8pm (Thursday)

Onsite: Cal Lutheran University Alumni #128

Remote: Via Zoom Webinar!


We will be having a panel of professionals who are in the I.T. industry.  They will be sharing their experiences and insight how to enter the industry / advance in your career!